CPA Canada

Provides information on how to become a certified accountant in Canada.

Construction Foundation of British Columbia

Supports newcomer training in the skilled trades.

This resource specializes in biotechnology and pharmaceutical jobs.

LifeSciences BC

Supports and represents the life sciences community in BC through a variety of resources.

BioTalent Canada

Provides valuable, evidence-based labour market information and the best job-ready human resources available for Canada’s bio-economy.

IT World Canada

The leading Canadian online resource for IT professionals in medium to large enterprises.

ICTC: The Information and Communications Technology Council

The national centre of expertise for the digital economy in Canada.


Champions the development of a robust and sustainable digital economy in Canada.

Technical Safety BC

Certifying organization for power engineers in BC.

Skilled Trades BC

Provides certification for carpenters and automotive service technicians in BC.