What's New with FAST?

 Read more below to see how FAST has further strived to improve the program to best assist skilled immigrant talent in accessing valuable resources and information! Continue visiting our website every quarter to ensure you are staying up to date with our newest changes!


FAST Seniors Care Hiring Events for Skilled Immigrant Talent

Over the course of September and October, FAST and BC Care Providers Association hosted three in-person hiring events for skilled immigrants interested in pursuing careers in seniors’ care.

We are pleased to say that we received positive feedback from our participants and employers and are looking forward to holding similar hiring events in the future to further connect B.C. employers with skilled immigrant talent!

We would like to thank our partners at Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, WorkBC Brentwood, Kamloops Immigrant Services, and WorkBC Kelowna for their assistance and contributions to the success of the events.

Are you interested in hosting a hiring event at your organization with FAST?

Please send an email to FAST Canada, to begin discussing potential hiring events today!

Updates to the FAST Program

We at FAST are excited to announce that we are launching a new, more streamlined format of our assessments and learning modules.

Starting on November 1, 2023, FAST will be implementing the new module changes for the following streams: Accounting & FinanceBiotech & Life Sciences, and IT & Data Services.

We will be combining the ‘Prepare for Work in Canada’ learning module and the industry-specific assessment chosen by the user into one consolidated module. This will help make it easier for users to access and complete all lessons and assessments with fewer clicks and less confusion. For users in the IT & Data Services or Biotech & Life Sciences streams, they will also find their ‘Get Designated’ tile added to this consolidated module.

What Does This Mean for FAST Users?

Due to the integration of learning and assessment modules, any progress in unfinished modules will be reset on November 1, 2023. Users who do not complete in time will be required to re-start their modules and assessment.

If users have already completed their assessments and have received their Certificate of Completion, all progress will be saved, and the user will not be required to re-start their learning modules. All completed achievements will be transferred to the new consolidated module, and users will be able to revisit the content or access their certificate any time.

IT and Biotech Microsoft Courses and Certificates Now Available on FAST

As part of the new update, FAST IT & Data Services and Biotech & Life Sciences users will now have access to a suite of free Microsoft courses!

Users that complete FAST will be able to earn a shareable Microsoft Certificate(s) for one or more Microsoft and LinkedIn’s Career Essentials courses:

  • Career Essentials in Systems Administration
  • Career Essentials in Project Management
  • Career Essentials in Data Analysis
  • Career Essentials in Generative AI
  • Career Essentials in Software Development


*Please note that FAST Biotech participants will have access to the Career Essentials in Project Management and Career Essentials in Generative AI courses only.

Upon completion of their FAST assessment, users will automatically receive information on how to access the certification courses!

For more information on this new resource, please send an email to fastcanada@iecbc.ca

We Want to Hear From You!

We at FAST want to know how we can continue to provide valuable resources and information to skilled immigrant talent. Please send any feedback, thoughts or suggestions to our general inbox at fastcanada@iecbc.ca

We also are looking for testimonials from our partners on their experiences with the program at this time. Please contact FAST Canada, if you are interested in participating.

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