Do I Qualify? To qualify for the FAST program, you must have the following:

How Will This Benefit Me?

  • FAST is 100% free
  • Validates that you are skilled in your sector and ready for work in Canada
  • Provides Canadian workplace culture learning, sector-specific information
    and assessments, and Indigenous history learning modules
  • Access to group e-Mentoring opportunities and webinars
  • Connection and networking events
  • Meet with potential employers

Available FAST Assessments The FAST program currently provides learning modules and
assessments in the following sectors:

  • Skilled Trades
    • Carpentry, Power Engineering, Automotive Services
  • Culinary Arts
  • Biotech & Life Sciences
  • Accounting & Finance
  • IT & Data Services
  • Seniors Care
    • Currently only available to residents of British Columbia


Unsure which sector fits your education and experience? Click here to find out more! 

How Does it Work? Complete the FAST program in 5 easy steps

Each step unlocks new opportunities and information that will
better prepare you for work in Canada!


Take our 2-3 minute survey to provide
us with your information.

Complete the FAST competency assessment modules

Finish your FAST competency assessment
modules in one of the six sectors.

Receive your FAST Certificate of Completion
and Assessment Report.

Get designated and participate in informational webinars and workshops

Access free industry-recognized designations
to boost your resume.

Get directed to further learning to advance your career!

Attend connection and networking events

Register for group e-Mentoring, online networking
or connection events.

Get referred to local networking resources
in your area.

Connect with employers!

Gain free access to a simulated job interview tool.

Join job search services through a partner organization

Participant Testimonials

“Because of the FAST program, it is as if I have been here for years even though I just got into Canada.”

Jeremiah K.

“The FAST program is a fantastic way for skilled immigrants to gain a sense of validation in the skills that they already have. It is also a great platform to learn about the overall nuances in a Canadian job; from cultural understanding to professional conduct. I learnt a lot from this program and I would recommend it to anyone re-starting their careers here in Canada.”

Dibyangana (Dana) B.