About FAST Canada

The FAST Program helps immigrants launch their careers in Canada by offering free, online, and self-paced employment preparation in six key sectors. Through the FAST assessments, immigrants can better understand how their past work experiences and training compare with Canadian standards in their sector.

As a skilled immigrant, FAST helps immigrants in Canada overcome challenges to employment such as:

  • Unfamiliarity with the Canadian workplace
  • Lack of ‘Canadian work experience’
  • Job search challenges
  • Lack of professional contacts and networks


Despite the increase in immigrant talent joining the workforce, newcomers to Canada are continually still more likely to be overqualified for their positions.

FAST helps immigrants get ready for employment in Canada by making it easier to translate their past experiences and education to industry standards and to better understand the Canadian labour market.

Canadian employers comparatively have reported challenges in finding and recognizing trained, qualified talent which reflects the need for continued developments in connecting immigrant talent with employers in their sector.

Through FAST, Canadian employers can feel more confident in hiring knowing that they will have access to experienced, skilled, pre-assessed and qualified individuals ready for work in Canada.